Our Story

We are entrepreneurs who understand life is full of challenges and adventures. Our company motto is based on “The Starfish Story” by Loren Eiseley, where an old man was walking on the beach and sees a little girl throwing back every starfish she saw back to the water. The old man asks what she is doing and the girl says she is saving the starfish. The old man asks why she is wasting her time when there are too many of them and it doesn’t make a difference. The little girl says that it matters and it made a difference for that starfish. The team at thatStarfish adopts the moral of the story with the purpose to help create a positive change. We are the company that wants to help others by providing the best partnership we can. We believe in dreams. A true entrepreneur yearns to change the world, to defy the odds and to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Lateral Thinking

Here at thatStarfish, we approach problems with a creative approach. Looking at issues in all angles to find a suitable and meaningful outcome. To further help others succeed, leveraging on our extensive networks to make a connection. We would like others to succeed and we do not stick to norms as we can do a lot more when we see the other side of the problem.

Making a Difference

As the little girl does in the story, thatStarfish’s purpose is to make a difference. We believe in expressing our souls through our work and nothing remains forever except for the impact we make on others.